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How to delete the cookies?

You can delete Internet Explorer cookies by deleting all text files in the cookie folders on your computer. The locations of IE cookie folders are given here.

The problem is that even if you delete all cookie files from the cookie folders, most of the information for the cookies will not be deleted because it is saved in the index.dat file. In some cases you can see the index.dat file in the cookie folder but even if you cannot see it is there. You cannot delete this file because Windows and Internet Explorer use it all the time. The only way to get rid of the cookies for good is to shred the content of the index.dat file with a specialized privacy protection program - Mil Shield. It cleans not only cookies but also the content of all other index.dat files (yes, there are many other index.dat files) along with history, temporary Internet files, recently used documents history, Google and Yahoo toolbars search history and many other tracks.

The Firefox cookies can be cleaned by going to the corresponding Cookies window as described here and clicking the Remove All Cookies button. However this will not delete the information from the cookie files as they are not securely deleted and their content can be revealed with raw disk scan tools.

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Note that you can turn off the cookie support from your browser but this is not a good idea because most of the sites today require cookie support in order to work properly. After you delete all cookies you will have to enter your user name, password and other details every time when you visit a web site that needs registration and some sites may not work at all. Another good reason to keep some of the cookies is to avoid being suspicious when others notice that your cookie folders are always empty.

So it comes down to a choice between privacy and convenience of Web browsing. With Mil Shield you don’t have to make this choice. You can turn off the cleaning for the cookies from sites that don’t contain any sensitive information or are not considered forbidden in your environment.

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