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How to delete Temporary Internet Files?

You can delete the Temporary Internet Files if you want to reclaim some disk space on your system disk (their size can reach several gigabytes). To delete Temporary Internet Files manually, do the following things:

For Internet Explorer 8:
For Internet Explorer 7:
For Internet Explorer 6:

WARNING! This will most probably delete all visible items in the Temporary Internet Files folder (except cookies) but a number of invisible traces may remain in the index.dat files. The only way to be sure that you are getting rid of all traces for good is the usage of specialized privacy protection program like Mil Shield.

Click here to download the free trial version of Mil Shield 9.0
4.34 MB - 5 sec with broadband

Mil Shield is a powerful privacy protection program that was designed specifically to clean and shred the Temporary Internet Files. Additional benefit is the ability to preserve the tracks from some chosen by you sites (selective cleaning), which makes your browsing more comfortable and safe (it is rather suspicious to always have empty history, cookies and Temporary Internet Files - it is better to leave some tracks from "innocent" sites). Mil Shield also cleans all other tracks as index.dat files, cookies, history, cache, AutoComplete records, UserData records, history of recently used folders and documents and many more.

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